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Julia & Grace's Giclée

Julia's printer, Grace’s Giclée Art Print Shop was launched at the beginning of 2023 by two British creatives, Grace Middleton and Julia Gash. Grace began working for Julia’s map themed art print brand in 2020 as a Kickstart Apprentice and soon learnt how to run the back-office systems to several of Julia’s retail and wholesale online platforms, together with processing, printing and shipping orders around the world. 

During the Covid lockdowns there was a huge demand for Julia's spirited, naïve, local themed illustrations. These sweet artworks enabled people to bring a sense of wonder and inspiration into their homes during a very challenging period. Julia needed additional help during this time running the e-commerce business so she took on a Kickstart Apprentice. Enter Grace. Grace quickly became Julia's right hand: printing, packing, shipping orders around the world as well as improving our online retail systems. Through her dedication and amazing work Grace became an integral cog in the wheel to grow Julia's art business.

When Julia moved to Sussex last year, Grace took on another job and they both struggled. Grace missed the interaction with customers at Julia Gash and without a helping hand in Julia's art business, Julia was yet again overworked. So a year later, Julia & Grace have come together as co-founders and directors of a new business, Grace’s Giclée Art Print Shop! Grace runs the day to day and Julia guides and mentors a young, female entrepreneur to run a successful creative enterprise. With more time to produce art and with Grace busily printing Julia's work, they both got back to doing what they love and know.

Grace’s Giclée Art Print Shop offers a quality giclée art printing service to other artists and illustrators, alongside online business consultancy and admin support empowering them to grow their creative enterprises, whilst being free to focus on their art. It’s a joy to see the work of other artists and gives us great satisfaction in helping your business grow. At Grace’s Giclée, we make your passion pay.

"Print-led manufacturing is close to my heart and something that has been in my life since I was a small child. It brings me joy to see something beautiful and new appear from a printing press. I also welcome the opportunity to help others succeed in their creative businesses through my guidance and the facility we are providing” - Julia Gash