Celebrating Mother Earth

Celebrating Mother Earth

March 06, 2021

It is Mothers Day in the UK on Sunday 14 March and for many it's a day to say a heartfelt thank you to mothers for years of selfless care, support, guidance and tolerance. In normal circumstances, a meal shared, a big hug and memories revisited occurs throughout the country but in the midst of a pandemic lockdown, we've come to find ways to express our love at a distance.

But there are also may who like me, aren't mothers and no longer have a mother and for whom the day has a different meaning. For the motherless children of the world, it is a day to celebrate the maternal role models in our lives of which I have had plenty throughout my life and have become one myself.  It is also a day to celebrate this wonderful planet that we can enjoy around us ... Mother Earth.

Wonders of the World Illustration by Julia Gash

Through my work, I discover and describe the diverse landscapes of different continents and climates.  A favourite of mine is the Mid West of America: a land of vast open spaces that is so foreign to me, steeped in pioneer history and Native Indian heritage. I love drawing the wildlife of the mountains and prairies, whether it's an inquisitive deer or hungry bear both of which make an appearance in my illustration of Wyoming:

Whimsical Wyoming State Illustration by British travel artist Julia Gash

At the other end of the world, the desert land of Western Australia is equally strange to me. I find out so much about places when I draw and literally get drawn in myself as I learn about the story of the gold rush for example in this unforgiving land. 

Western Australia illustration by Julia Gash

Mountains and lakes are wonderful to draw.  Dotted with skiers, snowboarders or summer hikers, roaming with deer and decked with evergreen trees, they are a delight to my ink laden brush! The illustration I did of the Black Forest in Germany (Schwarzwald) conjured up memories of when I travelled to this region as an 8 year old girl as indeed, my artworks captures a sense of awe and wonder of a child discovering the world for the first time.

Black Forest Schwarzwald Illustration by British travel artist Julia Gash

I live in one of the most beautiful corners of England: Devon. I moved here 5 years ago in search of a warmer climate and sea that I could swim in all year round ... and I do!  I love walking the South West Coast Path, which I do every weekend and look across the ocean to the Dorset and Devon coastlines and inland to the rolling, green hills of England.

Whimsical map illustration of Devon by British travel artist Julia Gash

Thank you Mother Earth, for your abundance of treasures that continue to enchant me and ground me as I continue my journey in life.

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